Thinking Anglers Rucksack in Review

Well we have just wrapped up another hugely successful summer of Parksports fishing for Eastleigh Borough Council.

For those that aren’t aware each year Eastleigh Borough Council provide a whole host of sporting activities ranging from football to sailing for the local school children during the summer break. We are proud to say that for the last six years we have been involved delivering fishing sessions to over 500 youngsters during the school break and this year has been no different.

Three days per week we have been working with 36 youngsters each day coming to us in groups of 12 for 1.5hr fishing sessions. The spaces for these sessions were booked up within a few hours of the booking lines opening and unfortunately over 300 youngsters had to go on to a waiting list proving the popularity for fishing in the local area. We also had secured a new venue for this year’s provision at Lakeside Country Park in Eastleigh utilising their boating lake.

The first sessions went exactly as we had hoped with numerous roach and rudd making an appearance on the bank. It was also evident that there were some other species present which if hooked and landed by our participants would certainly add a whole different dimension to the fishing compared to previous venues used.


It didn’t take to long before some carp, bream and monstrous rudd were landed which added to the element of excitement for the youngsters. Regularly we heard comments of “I really hope I can hook in to a monster fish today!” and it was clear that everyone attending was really being bitten with the fishing bug. We even had a few surprise captures with pike and eels also being caught.


Tactics for the summer have been kept really simple with the participants using simple float set-ups on 4m Whips fishing with maggot hook baits over a good helping of the finest quality Skretting Fish Feed pellets. As soon as we started to introduce the Skretting pellets we started to see the bigger fish making an appearance and as the summer progressed the fish (especially the carp) started to come to the sound of the pellets being thrown in which was excellent for all involved!


We hope that the youngsters all continue with their fishing in the future and we are really looking forward to seeing all of their catch pictures! So another successful summer with 540 youngsters all attending fishing sessions and all leaving having caught which means we have kept up our 100% success rate which we are very proud of!


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