FLE Ambassador – Fennel Hudson

We’re pleased to have Fennel from fennelspriory.com on board as FLE Ambassador. He’s a traditional angler who fishes for wild carp in secluded waters, and is a lifestyle and countryside author known for his Fennel’s Journal books and Contented Countryman podcasts. He’s been fishing at FLE for several years now, stalking the big carp in our top lake.
Nigel ‘Fennel’ Hudson
Number of years in the sport
Age you started fishing
Who got you into the sport
My father and uncle.
First venue
Dinas reservoir, mid-Wales.
First Fish
Brown trout
Proudest fishing moment
Being elected into Chris Yates’ Golden Scale Club at the age of 21. Famous members include my childhood angling heroes Bernard Venables, Richard Walker, Maurice Ingham, Mike Winter, Peter Stone and Peter Wheat.
Why is it important for FLE to keep introducing people into the sport?
Fishing is one of the best ways to connect with nature. Having angling as part of your childhood will shape the rest of your life.
Angling Achievements
‘Beginners luck’: catching my first-ever twenty-pound carp on my first cast at Redmire Pool, and a 29lb common carp on my first cast into an unfished estate lake (the fish later proved to be the biggest in the lake). Doing pioneering carp fishing in France in the 1990s for a Dutch-based travel agency.
Favourite Music
Prog rock (early Genesis, Rush) and classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Iron Maiden)
Favoured tactic and type of venue.
Stalking carp, especially off the top, and piecing together the puzzle of new waters.
Tea or Coffee?
Tea please. Oh, and while you’re on, got any cake?


Relevant Qualifications

HND Landscape & Amenity Management, specialising in fishery design
Have managed eight carp lakes over the years, and run two bait companies.

Fishing Speciality

Traditional angling, especially for wild carp

Greatest Angling Achievements

Joining the Golden Scale Club at 21



Favourite Music Genre

Prog rock and classic rock