Review of Fortis Aviator Glasses

This week, the FLE Team are reviewing the extremely popular and carpy, Fortis Aviator Glasses. Fortis’ Aviator Glasses utilise high technology polarised lenses to allow you to ‘see deeper’ and catch more fish!

Fortis Tortoise Shell Aviator Glasses
Fortis Tortoise Shell Aviator Glasses

At the FLE Fishery, we stock a range of Fortis’ eyewear, including the extremely popular tortoise shell Aviator Glasses, along with the more subtle black framed version. These glasses incorporate a brown lens which is perfect for high light levels allowing you to spot fish and protect your eyes on the sunniest of days.

These glasses are worn by large number of anglers across the country due to their retro style and impressive lenses. They also come complete with a case and cleaning cloth to ensure your glasses are kept in optimum condition whilst not being used.

The large lens surface area of the Fortis Aviator Glasses help to cut out light penetrating your peripheral vision, allowing the lens to cut out glare off the surface of the water.

The Fortis Aviator Glasses sell to £24.99 and are available with a SWITCH lens for £39.99

Call the team on 07595 024 363 for more details or pop into the FLE Shop.

Click here to see a video review of the Fortis Aviator Glasses.

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