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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply in place of and prevail over any terms and conditions contained or referred to in any communication from the customer or implied by custom or practice. Other terms and conditions are expressly rejected by For Life Experiences UK Ltd.


Cancellation by the customer

  • All cancellations must be made in writing.  No phone cancellations  will be excepted.
  • Late arrivals and no shows constitute as a cancellation and will be treated as such. No refunds or re-bookings will be given.
  • The customer will be charged on the following basis:
  • 50% of the total fee where cancellation takes place within two weeks (14 days) of the event date.
  • 100% of the total fee where cancellation takes place within one week (7 days) of the booked date.
  • 100% of the total course fee where cancellation takes place on or after the commencement date of the course.


Cancellation by For Life Experiences UK Ltd

  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that courses/activities actually run, For Life Experiences UK Ltd may at times need to cancel due to dangerous and/or unsuitable conditions for the course/activity. In this circumstance we shall inform the customer as soon as is feasibly possible.
  • In the event of a cancellation by For Life Experieneces UK Ltd customers will be offered the choice of the following options: –
  1. Full refund of the fee paid; or
  2. Another booking on a different date.



  • From time to time photographs taken on activities and courses may appear in brochures, social media and promotional material. If customers do not wish to be photographed, please let a member of FLE staff know upon your arrival.


Safety Regulations

  • Angling and Outdoor Pursuits take place in varied natural environments where there are natural hazards and risks to manage. Every effort will be made to make your visit to the FLE Fishery or your FLE Event experience a safe and positive one. Customers participating in courses are expected to comply with all safety guidance and instructions given by the provider of activities and its staff.  Anglers fishing the FLE Fishery are expected to read, understand and impliment the Health and Safety advice displayed and also comply with FLE Fishery Rules. YOU FISH AT YOUR OWN RISK at the FLE Fishery.  If you are unsure of the risks, ask.


Unruly behaviour

  • Behaviour that disrupts the smooth running of an event or disrupts other customers enjoyment may result in the disruptive customer(s) being excluded. Any damage caused to property or equipment as a result of unruly behaviour will be charged for.
  • No person should be under the influence of alcohol before or during an FLE Event or while fishing on the FLE FIshery.  THIS INCLUDES FISHING THE FLE FISHERY ON A DAY TICKET. No monies will be refunded if the person does not take part.
  • Strictly NO DRUGS are to be brought onto the FLE Site.  If anyone is found to be in possession or under the influence then the Police will be immediatly informed.


Personal Property

  • Property belonging to the customer is at all times the responsibility of the customer.
  • Cars are parked at owners risk.


FLE Educational Courses

  • PAYMENT NEEDS TO BE MADE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS.  If you have less participants turn up than you have booked for, or if participants stop attending during the duration of the course, full course fees will be charged.
  • If you are having the course funded by external funding bodies through For Life Experiences you need to make sure  enrolment forms are fully completed.  If they are not we will seek payment from the referring organisation.
  • Fully completed medical forms are required for all participants and external staff who are staying on-site.
  • The contract shall be formed when For Life Experiences UK Ltd acknowledge acceptance of the customers booking.
  • Participation in Outdoor Pursuits entails some risk of injury. All staff employed to run activities for FLE Events are trained and appropriately qualified to run activity sessions and act in order to limit the risk of injury. Participants must however acknowledge the inherent risks and act in their own best interests
  • Any customer under the age of 18 years must have the explicit permission of his/her parent or guardian before being able to take part in any activity/course offered by For Life Experiences UK Ltd.  The parent or guardian need to be aware and accept the risks involved in Outdoor Pursuits and satisfy them accordingly.
  • All bookings are on the basis that the customer will, at all times, observe the safety regulations set by the Activity provider.
  • All information is produced in good faith that it is accurate at the time of going to press.
  • If funding is being drawn down to fund specific client groups you are expected to meet this criteria.  If participants and learners do not meet the stipulated funding criteria then you will be charged the full rate of the activity or as per our Fees Policy.
  • Invoices will be sent should be paid within 30 days of receipt.

FLE Fishery

Day Ticket Fishing

  • Day ticket fishing is available at the FLE Fishery.  Anglers must ensue that they comply with the rules stated on the FLE Fishery website.  If you are found to be breaking the rules you will be asked to leave.
  • Please ensure you have read the FLE Site Rules and Fishing Rules.  This information is avaliable at the  main Canal car park prior to fishing.
  • Fishing can be a dangerous outdoor pursuit and For Life Experiences except no liability over you fishing at our lakes.
  • When fishing at the FLE Fishery on a day ticket or on an open session advertised through the FLE FIshery website or associated social media, you do so at your own risk. YOU WILL NOT BE SUPERVISED while at the FLE FIshery.
  • Anglers under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent or gaurdian to be at the fishery.
  • FLE Staff reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at anytime.  If you refuse to leave the Police will be called.


Match Bookings.

  • Match bookings are to be made by contacting Team FLE, preferably through the email teamfle@icloud.com
  • IF YOU BOOK YOU PAY.  If you book canals then you must honour your bookings.  Reductions in the number of canals you have booked will not be excepted unless more than 2 weeks notice is given to FLE in writing via e-mail.
  • Please read the Match Rules and General Fishery Rules prior to making a booking.  These can be found on the FLE Fishery website.  If you fail to comply with these rules you will be asked to leave the fishery.



We hope you enjoy your experience.